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Internet access in Cambodia

Internet access in Cambodia

Mobile Internet access. Cambodia may not be the country you have in mind when you think about modern and reliable Internet access.

However, if you arrive at Phnom Penh International Airport, the first thing you will see after leaving the terminal are booths selling SIM cards. The list includes Beeline, Smart Mobile, Hello, Cellcard, Mobitel, just to name a few from around 10 mobile operators in this country. The prices are competitive, and you usually pay $1 for a SIM card, and around $3 per GB of data.

The guys from Smart Mobile needed my passport to sell a prepaid SIM card, and made its photocopy. On the other hand, Hello employees didn’t even mention the passport as a requirement.

Phnom Penh airport SIM card booths

Your mobile phone needs a micro-SIM card? No problem, they will cut it on the spot for you:

micro SIM card cutting at Phnom Penh International Airport

For our stay in Cambodia, I’ve bought two SIM cards, from Hello and Smart Mobile.

The only issue I have had in Cambodia was that the mobile operators seem to be blocking Internet access to devices like laptops connected through a mobile hotspot / tethering set up in the smartphone. It was just a minor annoyance, since it was possible to work around it by using a bluetooth connection.


Wifi access. A lot of hotels and restaurants in Cambodia offer wifi internet access, so you can just cruise around, find a nice restaurant for dinner, check if it has wifi – done! Note that some restaurants claim to have wireless Internet, however it may not always work reliably.

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