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Reaching for the stars

Reaching for the stars

Going up to the 60th floor to have a stunning all round view of Bangkok at the Banyam tree hotel is a must do. The lift takes you up in seconds to the greatest panorama of the bustling capital of Thailand. This is the closest we have been to the sky. From such a birds’ perspective it is reasonable to ask: why can’t humans grow wings and fly?

Watching the sunset above the city as it slowly awakes the bright night life of Bangkok, the sky gradually changing colors from soft pink to gray, feeling close to the universe as moon and venus brightly appear, is pure magic. In the distance fireworks colored the skyline. It took a while to take it all in. The world is beautiful.

The magic place is called Vertigo Cafe, which is divided into two main parts: the dinner and drinks section diverging to the left and right on the slim strip of the roof. The dinner customer gets slightly better seats but even as a just drinks and pictures visitor you are well taken care of with a wide selection of drinks. Non alcoholic refreshments start at 200 Baht, which made our bill jump to over 1000 Baht just for drinks (banana strawberry freeze, virgin pina colada, fresh orange juice and beer did that). A free up scale nibble variety is provided, which makes you want to drink more :)

It does get kind of busy towards sunset and coming at around 6 pm really paid off, because we could still choose seats, whereas later dynamics change. People standing around the bar waiting for a free table, waiters trying to satisfy customer’s needs of memorable pictures, couples walking around searching for the perfect photo background. After the twilight transformation many happy tourists leave for a cheaper dinner in town and the drinks section empties out fast again.

A strict dress code makes the opposite sex exchange looks of suffering solidarity and acknowledging greetings. Why? Because men in shorts and sandals, even the most decently dressed and fashionate are asked to put on Asian size pants and black old grandpa style shoes. Tomek’s borrowed pants reached way above the ankles, were too tight to button up and looked just as ridiculous as on everyman else up there :) One trendy young bloke felt so appalled by the authorized but worn shoes that he sneaked back barefoot as he was leaving the roof :)

Spot the people sitting on the helipad!


Sipping drinks and locating stars.



Tomek going to work and me ordering drinks with the menu torch.



3G internet connection is unstable on the 60th floor.


Couples engaging waiters to get their couple picture.


These are ours:


Pants exchange. To me, the short black Asian size pants sort of looked like the long black shorts Tomek was wearing before. The only difference being that the new pants were so tight that he had to leave them open. Psst. That is a secret :)

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