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Thai street side and haute cuisine

Thai street side and haute cuisine

Tropical temperatures make us stay in air conditioned places as we reach the 36°C mark, thereby influencing the choice of restaurants to order our food. We mostly visit comfortable closed restaurants and cafés these days, which are more expensive, a 10% service charge and 7% tax fee are always added to the bill but that is what you pay in return for a fresh breeze and no sweating.

The yummy alternative around the corner are numerous side street stands and small open air restaurants with tiny tables and stools lined up along the wall that can go up the street quite a bit. The side walk is slim, so that placing tables one behind the other is the only way :)

Making it almost unbearable to enjoy side street cuisine during hot April days, walking around Bangkok in the late evening, we found a very tasty street eatery. ‘Eat good and cheap’ is the restaurant’s motto, prominently displayed on menus and walls. Always crowded and popular with locals as well as international customers, the menu is rich and the food fresh. You get to be asked whether you like ice cubes with your beer, before you get it, which is a major plus! You also get chop sticks, as well as a spoon and fork. Knifes are generally not used in Thailand, so you sort of cut with the spoon, if you need to cut stir fry dishes at all.

Thai haute cuisine is more pricey and with many Japanese, Indian and Italian culinary distractions you have to know where you are heading. Having Thai food in mind, we often got sidetracked and mysteriously lured into fantastic looking delis, that are plenty to find in any of Bangkok’s marvellous bling bling malls. Being invited for lunch by Tomek’s Thai work colleagues, we finally made it to one of the best Thai restaurants in town at the Central Plaza Rama 9 mall, which has direct access to the MRT underground’s Rama IX Station at the basement level.


Thai haute cuisine.


On the 7th floor at the Phan Khom Thai restaurant, we took a table at the very back, where we enjoyed a grand view on surrounding buildings, like the IT mall (which was of course visited later on).


The dishes have arrived. Various fruit shakes and spicy tom yum soup.


Traditional Thai style fish dish.


Spring rolls with hot chilli sauce, cashew nuts stir fry and wrapped chicken rolls.


We shared, dipping, pouring and unwrapping all delicacies.


Chatting about travel, work and the horrible flood that struck Bangkok this year, followed by rapid repair work and overall development of the capital… time passed too fast.


Thai street side cuisine.


Thai food is very good and very cheap.


Choose from the wall.


Veggie spring rolls and stir fry rice.


Thais just fry anything at any time of the hour anywhere.


Little taco treats.


So far, we have only had delicious days!

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