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Wifi, smoothie, cool off oasis

Wifi, smoothie, cool off oasis

If you happen to be in Bangkok and thirsty, looking for a quiet place to cool off in need of internet and a socket to charge your laptop, we found this oasis that Tomek and I have been visiting almost everyday.

We are no coffee fans but will make an exception for Thailand’s chain café, called Blue Cup Coffee S&P.

Once inside you get pure tranquillity, so you won’t have to put up with any annoying noisy background music, that is,  if you prefer a calm working environment with your laptop, like we do. The selection of premium quality beverages is classy and they also have a wide selection of yummy meals, ranging from pasta dishes to Indian to Japanese and Thai food. We usually have breakfast or lunch and are, so far, satisfied with what we get served, which looks like on the pictures in the menu. Another nice thing is that you can see inside the kitchen and behind the serving bar, which is spotless clean. Kitchen staff are wearing laboratory like masks, coats and hats. Service is friendly.

We have tried out some recommended independent internet cafés, but unfortunately always found an over-promised deal. Like over acclaimed ageing Coffee Alley, where we they serve dissolved tang powder as fresh orange juice. The ordered sandwich plate didn’t look anything like in the menu picture, with four moist crisps on the side.  There wasn’t much else to chose, really.  Internet wasn’t working at all! And what was described  as ‘vintage look’, was randomly arranged garage-sale furniture from the nineties. We made an effort to get there – it is far from the BTS, lying in a remote ghost like side street. Bangkok is developing so fast that the once unique Wifi cafés are left behind by new stylish places with excellent service, style, food and drinks.

Not all that’s shiny and new is great, though. The latest cafés in malls often have no windows, nor view and we do like to see the time of day changing. Sometimes the aircon will get you goose bumps and menus focus more on food than fresh fruit drinks. It is greatly appreciated by us, when we can spend a whole working day at one place.

Desperately looking for a pleasant café to work on our laptops during the day, we finally found this oasis , very close to Sukhumvit soi 31 near Phrom Phong BTS station.

I am already looking forward to get my green tea smoothie treat today.

Nice big window front – let it shine!


Best ever mango and green tea smoothie.


This is part of the café. The best seats are actually at the round window from where I took the picture.


Did I mention the grand piano which plays classics by itself! Look at the piano keys.


Work in progress.

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