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Do not destroy Chinatown in Bangkok

Do not destroy Chinatown in Bangkok

Equipped with smart phone GPS and map, with the determination to get to Bangkok’s flower market, speeding down via Chao Phraya river express we ended up in… China town. No flowers. Oh, well, being flexible we adapted the given plan to do the Chinese quarters in Bangkok!

Expecting busy shop owners and a vibrant street side cuisine we were surrounded by surprising tranquility. It was midday and most of the shops had not opened yet, people were escaping the sunlight and little was going on in the streets. It was a relaxing lull before the storm atmosphere. Most streets were still decorated with beautiful Chinese lanterns dangling in front of shops after Chinese new year celebrations on the weekend – same same but different Thai new year :)

Walking down in peace we turned into a narrow indoor street and it seemed like entering another world. Energizing business activity at packed market stalls, hordes of shoppers, color and glitter. Chinese shop owners selling toys, hair does, shoes, fabric, clothes, gold, jewelery and the sort of merchandise you would get at the one pound store. Prices were so cheap I wonder how it pays to produce it all (or who is not getting paid) and if there are enough customers, except for the best selling hello kitty stuff that parents are made to buy by girls in pink demand.

Apart from materialistic needs you can satisfy hunger and thirst very well. The best pomegranate juice is found at small two wheel stands in-between market stalls. We visited every single seller we came across in China town for that bloody red fluid!

It is also worth to see some Chinese temples, that we didn’t come across, but it was a great day nevertheless :) We felt Chinese culture consciousness when we saw this:


It is 2555. Happy Chinese and Thai New Year.


Chinatown architecture.


Antique houses and modern vehicles.


Walking around the streets.


Chinese merchants and street side cooking.


Resting. Found the perfect spot.


Dangling lanterns everywhere.


Shiny happy people.


Frill or fruit.


Bloody delicious.


Can stand accessories shopping with that pomegranate energy drink.


Get yourself a royal picture of sweaty dripping king Rama IX.


Convincing souvenir up front.


Furry sales assistant.


Beautiful Buddha statues on the sidewalk.


But some scary architecture.


A tiring day – hairy dreams!

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