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Idyllic Bangkok market

Idyllic Bangkok market

Too lazy to get up at 4 am to see the popular floating market we did alternative market sightseeing. Far from the city centre traffic, Bangkok showed its calm side in the Thewet area. Set next to the river, surrounded by bridges and small family houses, this was a picturesque market.

Walking through it after busy morning hours was more relaxing than having to push along with the crowd at market peek times. Splashing water, dripping stallsĀ  – be prepared to get wet nevertheless – some Thais even wear rubber boots at the market.

The olfactory sensations were all there. A concoction of smells suddenly changing from sweet and pleasant, passing by scents of lemon and fruit to stringent sharp odour around the fish passage is not for sensitive noses. Nor eyes, watching suffering fish cramped in plastic containers, some trying to escape the heat and their fate, by making that last leap out of the sun exposed water, only to land hard on the hot and dusty floor.

I am very conscious of all animals that are made to sacrifice their life so I can eat it. Trying to avoid pork and beef altogether, I am just asĀ  touched by the maltreatment of smaller living beings. Like fish and chicken, that we, the so called carnivores over-excessively consume. Maybe it is at those remote markets that one can rethink eating habits and have a closer look at all the vegetables, exotic fruits, spices and flour products that are a fair option.

Enjoy the pictures.

Beautiful surroundings.


Mouth-watering eatables.


Bargain hard.


Vegetables rule.


The essential ingredient to the famous Thai banana pancake.


Watch out for those hotties.


Some fruits are ‘yum’, some are just ‘yuck’. The latter applies to the spiky durian.


Lychees are super.


Hairy yummy rambutan.


Mango. Not one day goes by without the obligatory mango shake treat.


Modern Miraculix. Yes, I grew up with Asterix & Obelix comics. And only recently found out that the druid is called Getafix in English and Panoramix in Polish. What a mix up!


Thank you for not presenting them alive and prolonging their pain.


That’s called prime location.


And the coconut delight.


Art nouveau and Dog furryeau.


To be exact – that’s it, right there!

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