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Fun at the Bangkok art and culture centre

Fun at the Bangkok art and culture centre

We visited this building to escape and cool off from the tropic temperatures walking through busy and hot Bangkok during the day. A few days before a very big black female torso and over dimensional bin with colorful litter scattered around caught our eyes but we just imaged it to be city decoration in front of another huge mall.

As it turned out, we stumbled upon the art and culture centre, where we spent some time with Thai and international contemporary art as well as fun interactive art and an exhibition about the ongoing problem of HIV. I liked the photo exhibition of Philippe Ramette best, where perspective is turned upside down and still looks convincingly real and absolutely possible. Look at the pictures and see for yourself.

The building is intriguing with two huge female statues reminding of war years on their space like outfits guarding the entrance in the airy big round main hall. Surrounding ramps lead up to the exhibitions which are joyful to walk and play – we even restrained to take the lift! To satisfy the inner child, we played catch the coins, as Tomek made me catch coins he tossed down from above. Is that performance art, or what? :)

There used to be a gigantic space women dressed in a white tight condom like suit sitting in front of the centre functioning as a landmark but it is gone. I wonder if the space lady has wandered of to find a cooler place like us? :)

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