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‘Ponponpon’ – Japanese music gem

‘Ponponpon’ – Japanese music gem

Being infatuated by the Harajuku style J-pop culture, this video is a gem for the eyes and ears. Performed by the Japanese female artist and model Kyary Pamyu Pamyu it is so much fun watching an emerging star on the rise. Although ‘Ponponpon’ is her first single you can just see the potential for further totally weird music clips like that:

The video is taking the AKB48 female teeny group performance of repressed male fantasies one step further and gives an avant-garde artistic ingredient to the usually predictable underage Lolita clips (Kyary has apparently already turned 18).

If you like to look at weired Japanese videos for fun, not really getting anything (if there ever was anything to get), then this is a present. Let just say it inspires with the ever so happy unimaginable visual world, mixed surrealism meeting Japanese doll house, brought to screen.

Just watch and have a good time – I am already a fan :)




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