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Only in Thailand – part I

Only in Thailand – part I

These are the things we have, so far, come across in Bangkok, that will make you laugh (or cry).






1. Tattoo your child. Mum and dad are going to get a tattoo – why not give the same treatment to your toddler? These pictures show two kids with tattoos on their arms, which were were prominently displayed on the front glass door of the tattoo shop. Make your child chose what picture he/she likes having tattooed on the arm :) I hope that those pics were not real.

That creepy ‘tattoo church’ shop.

2. Escalator comes behind stairs. We just arrived in Bangkok with some heavy luggage and liked to get to the skytrain one floor above street level. Well, with those heavy bags, we were happy that there are escalators going up….and then we found that in order to use the escalators we would first have to carry our luggage up the stairs :)

3. Extra pay for ice cubes. Ordering a draft beer at a Thai restaurant – it came with ice cubes. Oh, well, you might as well drink it that way. And then pay 35 baht extra for those ice cubes? That’s what the bill said. We couldn’t find any ice cube position nor do we remember ordering any from the menu :)

4. Tout in tourist information t-shirt. Asking a tuk tuk driver for directions might end up differently than expected. When we asked a tuk tuk driver which way to go to the flower market, he apparently had a joint venture going with a tout in a tourist information shirt, who suddenly appeared out of nowhere, telling us that the flower market was closed today (how many times have I heard that phrase) but that instead, while hectically scribbling on a map, we should do a tour to Wat Pho, a river cruise and look at the orchid shop – same same flower market. Very good price, too :)

5. The Thai way to incorporate American fast food icons. Only in Thailand Ronald McDonald folds his hands to the Thai greeting gesture ‘Wai’.

6. No have – yes have. Meaning anything from ‘this is possible or impossible’, ‘will/won’t look into it’, ‘can/cannot do it for you’, ‘we don’t/do have it’. These word combinations are incredibly useful to know as they are commonly used by Thais and can easily be applied to everyday shopping enquiries, eating at restaurants, making hotel bookings….. :)

7. Sex tourism. Those clubs are obviously more than just massage places rather specializing in the love sector. Some girls are so young and the customers old farts – it is a sick but flourishing business. The Sukhumvit soi 33 street to our hotel was lined with public houses.

Love teen massage.                                             Petit Paris in Bangkok: the Moulin Rouge.

8. Identity mix up. At Bangkok’s airport it is now possible to print out your boarding pass yourself using the quick response barcode. Could be that you are flying as Mr. Chong to Kuala Lumpur :)


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