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Our hotel is famous

Our hotel is famous

Flicking through fresh magazines from our hotel room I noticed striking similarities to the magazine illustrations and our hotel. It sure is our hotel that is featured in those two architecture and interior design magazines!

I must admit that the pictures in the magazines absolutely do match reality. Hotel and rooms really look that stylish and we will be staying two weeks :)

What those pictures don’t tell you, is:

that constantly roaming humming sound from air cons (a problem in most hotels to be fair) that we tried to avoid by moving to the back side of the hotel, only to find out that it is far worse than to the front yard… that it is impossible to adjust the shower at higher levels. So it is a boil or freeze choice. I must say, that it is superb now that we moved back down to fourth floor again… that breakfast has a very limited choice and is exactly the same every day. Even the fruit plate will always have papaya and watermelon, with pineapple, mango, banana, lychee, dragon fruit and all that fruity jazz easy available and cheap to get everywhere in Bangkok… that surrounding construction might give you a drilling wake up call in the morning… that the outside bar serves stale beer and no snacks. So the stylish and inviting hotel yard sitting area is always empty. But here goes the worst thing: A bird is kept caged at the security guard stand outside. And the second worst thing: A Mao sculpture on display in the hotel lobby. Maybe because Mao won the dictatorship competition for killing millions of his own people? It remains a mystery. Well, we later found out that the owner is Chinese of origin.

But… here go the wonderful buts and why we are still here:

The rooms are modern and spotless clean, the bed is a king size super comfy convincing argument, as is the bathroom with a rainfall shower and all the amenities that you would expect from a four not three star hotel. The shampoo and bathing soap come in neat little bottles and are actually nice and usable. The hallways are lightly scented with lemongrass aroma and there is cool and calm background music. The design is very pleasant and the hotel has art sculptures in the reception area, the kind of subtle art works I would choose for myself. The staff are very friendly and speak English. Cleaning ladies do a very good job. The hotel’s tuk tuk service drives you to the nearest BTS station once every two hours. The best service in those boiling times: you get two water bottles with the hotels compliments everyday.  Oh, and wifi works more or less reliable. All that is so much appreciated in Bangkok’s hotel jungle.

Aaah, the trendy high life of two perpetual travelers :)




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