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Ministry of Brazilian body waxing experience in Bangkok

Ministry of Brazilian body waxing experience in Bangkok

‘Brazilian waxing changed my life’ is a quote that apparently Gwyneth Paltrow made, that was hugely displayed in the beauty salon’s room. I can’t remember the other quote from Sarah Jessica Parker but  I was honored to receive the same treatment as those celebrities.

Trying to get a cheap waxing deal in Bangkok, at first I considered a Khao San Road backpackers deal but the fact that they reuse the wax by filtering already plugged hairs out, made me reconsider.In the end proximity was my guide and since we have the super convenient BTS Sky Train  next to our hotel, I went to the Siam Discovery Center Mall to get the most expensive waxing treatment I ever had :)The sky train goes directly to all three Siam malls, you can even walk right into one of the Siam malls from the station.

Arriving at the Strip Ministry of Waxing salon I did not have to wait or make an appointment but could choose the type of treatment I wanted right away on a visual chart showing a big heart in different colors, which was supposed to resemble my bottom. Very abstract way of explaining what areas can be waxed. Anyway, I ordered the XXStrip (explained as bottom+labia+strip), whole legs, underarms and half arms and paid 3750 Baht (almost a hundred Euros!), which is a fortune in comparison to what I even used to pay in Germany at my favorite Wax and the City salon. Ironically, I didn’t get the waxing job done in Japan in fear that it will cost me a fortune :) Oh, and before they can start, you have to fill out two forms about your medical status, like at the doctors’.

This is what I got though: a very friendly and discreet Thai girl, who covered me in a towel all the time, so I didn’t feel to exposed I suppose. Couldn’t have been to avoid me freezing at over 30oC :) Very clean environment, she used gloves and one time spatulas for the application of the wax. Nice cleaning job afterwards although rubbing residual wax off with a stiff tissue soaked in oil sometimes did hurt more than the waxing. Very neat soft wax with strawberry and chocolate color and smell, I liked, because it didn’t smell like cheap bubble gum but more like best bitter chocolate and as I am usually oversensitive to fake aromatic scents, the strawberry wax didn’t give me any sneezes or unwanted reactions. Those two fluid like textures were applied, cooled off, formed a doughy texture and were removed (with the unwanted hair) by pulling it off in one quick move. The bottom, labia part wasn’t that painful, actually :)

Am I satisfied with the service? Overall yes, I especially liked the chocolate and strawberry wax but here is the but. Except for the armpits and the Brazilian waxing, an old fashioned wax roll-on stick was used to apply the wax, that was then taken off with a cloth plaster. Quite a lot of hairs were missed, which my Panasonic epilator dealt with easily, after a close up examination of waxed body parts at the hotel. The price is horrendous, even if it is not that easy to find a place with non reusable wax procedures around here. They only apply an after treatment lotion on the Brazilian front part, which is a faux pas saving procedure on their part. After all, it is the little extras that make all the difference.  I am now on a mission to find such a waxing place in Bangkok.

Next time, I would go for the underarms and Brazilian deal but I would do the legs and arms somewhere else. I want to try the Thai Panipa Salon in six weeks. In case I am still in Bangkok, I keep you posted on how competition manages :)

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  1. To bad this is a bit older already, but just in case for your next visit. La Nature Bangkok is a very nice place to go. Wax is not re-used ! and they have different kinds of wax, one kind for bikini and another kind for the other body parts. Prices are very reasonable and staff are very kind, though do not speak that much of English, but that was not really a problem. Location is good too as just next to an MRT station. The place is located in ‘Lumpini Park View Condo’ and not very visible from the outside, so just go into the building and then it is easy as staff will tell you where it is. Sorry it is a bit late.

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