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Internet access in Thailand

Internet access in Thailand

Mobile Internet access

After arriving from Japan, where the Internet access is very problematic for a casual tourist, it is surprising how easy it can be to go online in Thailand.

If you need mobile Internet in your laptop, simply visit the nearest True Move shop (can be there are other providers, TrueMove shop in Siam/Bangkok was easy to access for me) and buy a True Move H 3G+ SIM card. It costs 99 baht (around 2.5 €) and comes with a few megabytes included. The guys in the shop told me their 3G works in 850 MHz frequency band and were not sure if it worked with my 3G USB modem (Huawei E160). As 99 baht is not a big deal, I just bought their SIM card and it worked flawlessly (as I saw later, Huawei E160 spec indeed says it supports 850 MHz frequency band).

Once you buy a card, you have to top it up (“3G+ Topping”). There are different plans, I’ve chosen the 899 baht one, which lets you transfer 5 GB, after which the speed drops to 128 kbps. As you have to add 7% VAT to this price, the topping cost me 960 baht (around 24 €). So in total, it cost me around 26.5 € (99 baht for the SIM card + 960 baht for the 5 GB topping).

And that’s not all what’s included in the price!

If you have a TrueMove H 3G+ SIM card, you’re allowed to use @TRUEWIFI wireless network, where available (quite common in Bangkok, but depending on where you are, it may be slow, or even not work – so it’s usually better to count on your 3G SIM card). Just ask TrueMove shop assistant to enable it for you, if you don’t feel very comfortable in Thai :)

The map says TrueMove 3G covers most of Thailand’s urban area (orange). 2G/GPRS/EDGE access should be available in other areas, while you may not be able to us it at all in other areas (grey):

Internet access in hotels

Internet access in hotels in Thailand can be a different story. Some will boast they have free wifi available in the entire hotel, while in reality, the reception may be pretty much nonexistent in your room and poor in the rest of the hotel.

Some will provide the Ethernet connection, some will charge for wifi… In all – not that different as the rest of the world.

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