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Make the world a better place

Make the world a better place

That’s a though one. I recommend the yes men movement ( and stop eating meat for big change – here’s for beginners:

As for small improvements on the planet, we have had a chance and used it as we witnessed two drunk and loud men smashing a window and breaking into a car. Yes, we are in Poland, in our hometown Szczecin :) I am so not proud of Poland’s image reduced to car thieves and alcoholics but there you go. Anyway, we called the police while the two drunks were still engaged into nonsense actions, such as throwing stuff out of the car, then trying to break off the car door.

Undercover police would finally catch them with the help of a trained dog, who sniffed them out. I love dogs! They are the real heroes. In the end we spent Valentine’s morning in the police station as witnesses not lovers:)

This is a dark snapshot of the crime scene, three stories down from our bedroom window, taken at night just after the break in. You can see the damaged car with one open door parked on the sidewalk close to our window and mainly CDs from the car scattered onto the street. There are also two police cars and one undercover vehicle on the main road.  Doesn’t look that spectacular on that picture, really.


It was quiet breathtaking, to watch and help the policemen catch those two, after they fled and disappeared into one of the communist era housing blocks that we could still see from our flat. The undercover policemen were dressed like local bullies and looked sort of terrifying. They really scared a girl, who was just passing by and curiously looked inside the car. She then moved on followed by the undercover cops and started to scream as they approached her. It also happened to two innocent guys that were walking along the road. I am so glad, the police could hear us from the window and followed our directions to the whereabouts of the real offenders. What a night!

What we didn’t know at the time is that the action went on as the police would visit us twice (I am sorry for my parent’s in law) the coming days and that on Valentine’s day we had to come to the police station very early to testify as witnesses. The police told us then that the men couldn’t remember anything due to increased alcohol intake but also couldn’t rule out that they did it :) I hope that the two drunks don’t end up in prison because I am not sure if that would do them any good.

Word of wisdom: The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it. (Albert Einstein)

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