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Valentine’s little pleasures

Valentine’s little pleasures

Sweet, lush and color themed (opt for pink and red ) is how a Valentine’s treat should be. We had raspberry sorbet with fresh raspberries and strawberries on top with decorative Oreo cookies and Hawaiian cocktail parasols.

The food industry is heavenly interested to keep up Valentine’s tradition and treats us with Valentine’s themed wrappings and all kinds of other adorable kitsch:) Our berries came in heart shaped plastic boxes with pictures of a Valentine’s couple showing how to eat the berries.

Well, we had ours like this:


Look at those calorie voluptuous babies. What a sight!


Word of wisdom: Berries deceive with looks during wintertime but taste reveals the truth – next time we will go for cake , stick to the season and wait for summer :)


After having sold our flat in Cologne/Germany we are ready to start our life as perpetual travellers. We are now in Szczecin/Poland saying goodbye to family and friends.  In a few days we are off to Panama. We are going with a friend, to stay at his hut with no electricity! so writing and posting will be difficult or will have to be postponed to a later day.

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