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Those movies that make you think…

Those movies that make you think…

…how short life is even for the most influential, famous and wealthy.

…how our actions matter and how we should use our limited time wisely not to regret it later.

The Margaret Thatcher movie was a great film to realize just that. I didn’t enjoy it (fighting tears all the way through) but liked it a lot. Maggie, struggling with dementia in her old age, is constantly confronted with flashbacks from the past. The first women prime minister fighting her way through in politics with power, achievement, fall and loneliness, framed by her illness, leaves the viewer with a feeling of admiration and pity at the same time.


Impressive statement from Mrs Thatcher after her doctor asks about her well-being:

‘How do you feel?! It’s too much about feelings nowadays. No one asks about thoughts and ideas anymore. Ask me what I think!’



Word of wisdom: See the movie!

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