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Once you have decided to change your live into permanent travel adventure like us, this is how to go about turning it into reality. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you our brilliant tick list, that helped us to get going, in the literal sense of that word. Under many of these points we had more concrete steps written down, so take this as an inspiration and elaborate adjusting to personal needs.


  • Wake up with a big smile every morning knowing that soon your dream will come true. (mental preparation)
  • Think of all the places you always wanted to visit. (mental preparation)
  • Think of all the things you always wanted to do. (mental preparation)
  • Prepare parents, family and friends well before departure.
  • Quit your job.
  • Sell or quit your flat/house/rent.
  • Give a goodbye party to all colleagues.
  • Meet each friend again to give a personal cheerio.
  • Visit family members and enjoy that time together.
  • Pick one country that is easy going for tourists to go to as a start.
  • Buy your first one way ticket.
  • Get your vaccinations checked and up to date.
  • Try to sell or give away as much as possible.
  • Get a lot of moving boxes and start packing.
  • Find a place to store important stuff.
  • Get a postal address at someone you can trust or open a po box.
  • Quit permanent residency.
  • Quit all contracts (phone, electricity, insurance).
  • Get your taxes settled.
  • Get a private health/travel insurance.
  • Leave with one bag, one camera, one notebook and super comfy shoes.


Word of wisdom: Take your time and don’t rush things. From that first perpetual travel thought to actually living as a perpetual travelers, it took us 5 months.

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