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Start with a thought and bring it to paper

Start with a thought and bring it to paper

Beginning a new chapter in life requires some kind of preparation. Since that first thought of becoming a perpetual traveling couple to actually doing it, there was loads that needed to be done and we talked about what to do and when and how all the time. Many thoughts vanished cause we didn’t write them down in the beginning but finally, to avoid getting things got done last minute before we had a big sheet of paper, on which I jotted down first thoughts. Over time it got crumpled, written up on both sides and developed torn edges. Nice haptic feeling though – of something that transformed as we got more and more things done.

So this is what we would recommend:

Start one to-do-list with whatever needs to be taken care of before departure day, then gradually add to it. Basically, brainstorm and put down all you can think of doing in order to get moving :) I would also use a note system, paper color, smart phone app that motivates and is fun to do.

You will find that different things come to mind at different times and unexpected thoughts and matters will cross your mind anytime, so remember to write it all down somewhere. But don’t forget to add it to the main list so you don’t end up with dozens of scraps and notes. I will share our tick list soon. That will probably be more helpful than elaborating on an obvious note system that doesn’t require academic skills :) I am just so glad we had that list and making the last tick before going to Panama was very rewarding.


Word of advise: Leaving is an ambitious project – take it step by step!


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