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We are world citizens

We are world citizens

Being officially a permanent traveler is not a desired option by state for the average citizen and not such an open possibility for authorities, as we thought, unless you are a criminal and state will thankfully see you leave the country.

It does pose a challenge to state office programs designed to change permanent address, not to eliminate it. A person without a permanent address shouldn’t really exist and is sort of a modern outlaw, that is not easy to trace or to control, hence a unwanted matter per se.

Bureaucracy has its ways that cannot easily be crossed. So happened, when we were canceling permanent residency at the ‘B├╝rgeramt’ in Cologne/Germany. The lady behind the counter never had such a case in which she removes residency without a follow up address.

But what address do homeless people have? Where do nomads register? There is no category for perpetual travelers – are we the first in Germany or Poland? Countries are afraid to loose their citizens to nowhere land, so it is easiest to pretend it just doesn’t happen.

Big brother demands control as we demand freedom, so in the end the compromise looked like this: the office computer was fed with a tactical misinterpretation for our new residence, that is Panama City, no street name, house number zero :)


Word of advise: Go out there and challenge the system!

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