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Leftover clothes, books, furniture

Leftover clothes, books, furniture

Perpetual traveling only works if you can do without most of your possessions. So selling and giving things away was a major task before we left.

Most of the stuff that we hoped to get rid off were clothes and books. Even after the home-stay-garage-sale we still had plenty left. But in the end all that was supposed to go – went! Here is what we did.


Clothes that didn’t get sold:

Sort the best garments out and get them to a second hand shop. This is, of course, a rather female thing to do. I like second hand shops and their special atmosphere a lot and I was lucky enough to find a cute second hand shop that took and sold almost all my dresses, shirts, skirts and coats in Cologne/Germany. This is the romantic name of the shop for all girls who love vintage and trendy clothes: It means ‘time of the roses’ – very sweet:)

As far as men’s clothes go: give them away to charity, sometimes other male family members will want some pants and sweaters.


For books this works really well:

Student literature – write an ad and place it at the appropriate university department or give it away to the university library. University staff said, we are even going to get a thank you letter for donating so many specialist books.

Favorite books – Expand the family library.

Other books – Give them away to friends or colleagues.

All that has been left – Try the secondhand bookshop. They are usually picky about what they take so that left us with one last option:



For all that precious stuff and furniture you want to keep:

We contacted various storage companies, like ‘safeguard’ but found them to be rather expensive. So a cheap alternative was to rent a room in a private household and store some furniture at my grandma’s. In order to find a trusted person to safe keep your belongings it is best to ask around close friends and family. We had a lot of offers from friends to store our stuff but since we didn’t know for how long we were going to be traveling, in the end we decided to pay a retired lady , who was also a distant family member in Poland and happy to improve her pension.


For everything else:

Last but not least another very effective way to sell stuff is through ebay, which also has a local city site in Germany, that we used. It works just like a garage sale, people come to look and buy your things in person after phone or email contact. We sold a lot of our big and bulky furniture, as well as electrical equipment that way.


Word of wisdom: When it comes to books, try to keep as little as possible of those heavy bastards. The e-book age has come plus: Boxes of books are going to give your back aches:)

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