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Once upon a time

Once upon a time

Do you remember the time when TV was a boxlike casket with a tiny screen including three channels transmitting in black and white that could only be changed when one got up and walked across the room to turn a button? And reading books was THE social event in the evening?

No? Me neither, but the scene on the picture is very enjoyable nostalgia and makes believe: Things were better in the old days.

I took that picture at my grandma’s house, in a room which was once the home library and grandpa’s study room. After grandpa’s death grandma gave a lot of books away but there are still plenty left to poke around, look at old book spines and covers. This picture was the back cover of a book from the sixties with a novel about a doctor overseas but I don’t remember the title anymore, since the striking part was that add for family reading of the publisher’s book series. I guess the only other media distraction was newspapers and one TV show a day. A world without internet.

While I am typing this into my laptop, wrapped up warm in bed, Tomek next to me with his laptop surrounded by delicate typing sounds. Ah, this is bliss.

Let me rephrase: Things were different in the old days!


Word of wisdom: Combine old traditions with new age habits – read your e-book while watching TV!

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