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Let’s get movin’

Let’s get movin’

This is it. We are becoming perpetual travelers for real:) We will leave Cologne/Germany for good, where we used to work, where we had our own neatly renovated flat, where family and friends live.

During the last weeks, we picked up masses of moving boxes from friends, looked around the flat and thought: we don’t have that much stuff, it’s not that much packing, it won’t take much time. Very funny thought actually, sort of underestimating the issue.

We have more than we actually need, we had to buy additional cartons (returning twice to the DIY market) and it took longer than expected to pack it all up. Most was done one day (and especially night) before departure day, which positively hurried things up :) So we made it after all.

Word of wisdom:

Based on that packing experience, I would still say: Don’t rush, enjoy your intact home till the last day, then get into total action, enjoy the adrenalin rush and make the impossible possible!



This is happy Tomek in front of the truck that drove our stuff to Poland, where we will store only the most precious things, as we are so lucky to also have helpful and caring family in Poland.

It’s the morning after the get-rid-of-less-precious-stuff-week.

That’s why we rented only ONE truck :)

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