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I’m a material girl

I’m a material girl

Oh boy (oh girl!), going through personal stuff and finding things that you forgot ever existed can suddenly become the most precious treasure, you’ll definitely wanna keep – for future generations, that will appreciate your collectors sentiment, obviously. You just know, that one day you will need it for sure :)

It’s funny how easy it is to accumulate stuff that we don’t really need and how difficult it is to get rid of it afterwards.

While we philosophize about material urges… Is it a trade that we are in control of or are we mere slaves of possession? Always wanting to get more, better, faster. Is that what drives us and lets us evolve so fast. I mean, in the end we are the most successful and unscrupulous species on the planet.

So next time shopping you go over budget, know: You can’t help yourself !


Word of wisdom: Do not store personal junk in the cellar or attic. Spare yourself the trouble of disposing it all off later and carry them right down to the bin or give them to other sentimental collectors :)

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