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House garage sale

House garage sale

Once we decided to go serious on the perpetual travel thought, we had to get rid of a lot of our household stuff.  We sold some things over the internet but a very effective way to sell a lot of our stuff comfortably, while staying at home, was through that brilliant idea I am about  to share with you.

Have a great home-sale, if you live in a flat without a garage!

It is so easily done and a great opportunity to see everyone again before departing. This is how it goes:


Buy a pile of sticky notes and a red marker.

Walk around home and find things you want to sell, then decide on a price, write it on the note and stick it on.

Make sure to empty drawers, cupboards and closets. Buy a clothes rail and display all your clothes to sell.

The sale success from that idea totally exceed my expectations. Women just love clothes and shoes , so go on and make them happy.

Place stuff to sell on top of furniture, so it is easily accessible and distinguished from stuff you would wanna keep.

Have a free-stuff-corner/pile/box with mixed things that you don’t want to throw away but which are not worth taking a penny.

Have some change ready and a tin box for the money.

Finally compose a mass email milking your address book to the fullest. Spread the word to everyone!

Plan a whole day staying at home welcoming the crowd.

Your home-sale-day will be a success – that’s a given :)


Word of advise: For culinary pleasure have a huge pot of tea and delicious oven apple tarte for all ‘customers’ ;)

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